Monday, 8 December 2014

malala Yousufzai is a Virat Hindu

Mala bai story

Why did Nathuram Godse killed gandhi - Virat Hinduism

Why did Nathuram Godse killed gandhi - Virat Hinduism.A great Brahmin nathuram killed gandhi because he was teaching us non-violence.

Barack Hussain Obama Religion - Muslim or Christian

 Obama to join RSS ----- Mission USA completed. Obama reverted back to Hindu religion.His ancestors were also Tamil Brahmin.Here in this pics He is comming back from Ishkon Temple.The bucket is for Go-Mutra(Holy Cow urine).wearing this type of Pants proves he is a RSS activist

Bob Marley Religion- Hindu or Rastafar Christian

 Bob Marley (Babu Mandi) was a Adiwasi ( Smelch/Shudra).But Christian wikipedia keep us telling that he was a Rastafar Christian(believes that Jesus was black).In his childhood,he was a Hindu,but later he turned to a socialist which is against Virat Hinduism.He rejected to believe the Gita/Veda that say Brahmins are created from head of brahma and shudra from the feets.

Vladimir Putin Religion - Hindu or Christian

As you Virat Hindu people already knew that Taj Mahal is a shiva-temple. Taj - Tej (Powerful), Mahal (Mahadev/Mahakal/Lingam) = Shivling temple. Ok..Last friday Vladimir Putin ( Varahmihir Pandit ) a Virat Hindu Brahmin from Russia ( Rishi + Alaya ) liberated Tejo mahala from the hand of Mullah - mulli . Still you have doubt about Putin? Look at his half-pant and Saffron Tilak which makes him an RSS activist --- Vasudeva Shatrunakum

Katrina Kaif Religion - Hindu,muslim or christian

 If Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti can become Member of Parliament,why not Sadhvi Kirtaniya????Feeling Proud of Swadvi Kirtaniya Kapila. Being a Lower caste,she is defending our Virat Hindu Dharma from the hands of Mullah (apj kalam)- christian(Mother teresa)..I hope Our Virat hindu people will share this pics to defeat Commie Haramzade AAP...if you want this page Survive then Plz share our pics and add your friends to our page..Many Anti-nationalist reporting so page will go soon

Elbert Einstein On Hinduism and Religion and God

Haramzade Politicians hiding the truth for last 60 years.Mullah Gandhi Khagress and Commie AAPtard Khujliwal will get butt-hurt after knowing the truth of Aryabhatt Annaswamy (Albert Einstein)..Soon virat Hindu HRD minister Smriti Irani will include this in school Textbook. Share this